The Cannabis Golf Club DAO will be responsible for managing the Treasury (community wallet), which will initially be funded with a portion of the revenue generated from Golf Monkey NFT sales. Membership of the DAO requires users to own a Golf Monkey NFT with rewards being distributed based on activity so the more active a member is the more rewards they receive.

Holding an NFT does not give members automatic voting rights, instead holders will have to also own $VNT tokens in the same wallet as their NFT. The weight of a $VNT tokens vote is determined by the number of tokens held and the length of time the tokens have been held in the same wallet as the NFT, the longer $VNT tokens and the NFT are held the more voting power those tokens command.

All community members who own $VNT tokens and the NFT can present proposals to the DAO, will have voting power on new improvements/procedures and how much to allocate towards new developments, marketing and financing proposals. The community will have complete control over the movement of the CGC DAO as it progresses in the future. The success of CGC DAO is entirely dependent on community management.

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