The Club

Cannabis Golf Club (CGC) is a private members cannabis club made up of a collection of 10,000 Golf Monkey Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The NFTs serve as a membership to the club giving access to legal cannabis opportunities, golf and social events, insights and trends, the ability to earn $VNT staking rewards and compete in the play-to-earn Ultimate Cannabis League.

Our Golf Monkeys are 100% unique and generated from over 160 handcrafted traits all hand-drawn by our in-house artist. Our NFTs are ERC-721 tokens using Ethereum’s blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership, ensuring credibility for each NFT and its unchangeable nature.

Unlike other memberships, a CGC membership is a one-time purchase and because it is represented as an NFT the membership is also transferrable. This makes it possible to pass your membership down to future generations or sell it to someone else if you decide to leave the club, although we don't think you would want to leave the most impact-driven cannabis club in world!

Through CGC’s partnerships our members can access opportunities to finance medicinal cannabis cultivation in African countries that have legalised cannabis cultivation for export.

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