Grow Tunnels

To meet the current EU GMP standard for exporting medicinal cannabis across the globe the cannabis needs to be grown in a controlled greenhouse environment called a tunnel. The tunnel is hermetically sealed to ensure no contamination of the cannabis. No air can get in or out of the tunnel without going through the filtration and cooling systems managed by technology.

CGC members provide finance to cover the setup cost of a tunnel, which is repaid at the end of a three-year period. A yearly royalty is paid out for the duration of the agreement to the financier.

When a new tunnel is financed, it is minted as an NFT and held in a Treasury wallet managed by a DAO created specifically for the tunnel. At the end of every year the members vote on whether to cash out the returns or finance another tunnel. The first tunnel financed by a group becomes the genesis tunnel of the DAO, any other tunnel financed from the proceeds of the genesis tunnel is added to the same Treasury wallet. If an individual finances a tunnel by themselves then the tunnel NFT is placed in the wallet that holds the Golf Monkey.

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