Cannabis Golf Club’s (CGC) mission is to vertically integrate the African Cannabis ecomony by connecting stakeholders across its value chain. We want our members to be the benafactors of the Green Gold revolution, many of whom have been advocating for the legalisation of cannabis for decades. Our mission is to ensure that no one is left behind as cannabis becomes a mainstream industry.
CGC is a movement advocating, educating, celebrating and financing cannabis. As a collective our members are able to contribute to the growth and advancement of cannabis on the African continent, in turn impacting the global cannabis market.
We believe connecting the crypto community with the underbanked cannabis market will provide economic opportunities to all and give people a transparent ecosystem with voting power to champion worthy causes. Above all, we dream of lowering the barrier to entry for farmers from disadvantaged backgrounds and emerging economies to raise their earning capacity in the cannabis value chain.
Last modified 1yr ago